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Past Commercial Loan Closings

Preferred Capital Funding can find the solution to your commercial financing needs. Want proof? Take a look at our past commercial loan closings.

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Property Type: Liquor Store in Georgia

Loan Amount: $3,800,000

Loan Type: SBA 7a Construction

  • 25-year term
  • Inventory and fixtures
  • $100,000 working capital

Property Type: Quadplex  in Colorado 

Loan Amount: $950,000

Loan Type: Cash Out Refinance 

  • Renovations and repairs needed on rental property
  • 30-year fixed with low rate
  • Lite Doc - no tax returns or W2's

Clean,Modern,Dental,Ordination,With,Apparatus,And,EquipmentProperty Type: Dental Office in Alabama

Loan Amount: $2,245,000

Loan Type: SBA 7a   

  • Purchase Real Estate with working capital
  • 100% financing
  • 25-year term

Property Type: Crane Truck 

Loan Amount: $85,000

Loan Type: Equipment Loan 

  • 60 month term with competitive interest rate
  • Private Party Sale

Property Type: Convenience Store New York

Loan Amount: $1,270,000

Loan Type: Purchase Business

No Real Estate

  • 10 Year Term
  • 2nd location


Property Type: Dental Office in Georgia 

Loan Amount: $3,700,000

Loan Type: SBA 7a Construction and Working Capital 

  • Ground up construction with working capital
  • 100% financing
  • 25 year term

Property Type: Baler/Rake for GA Farmer 

Loan Amount: $59,000

Loan Type: Equipment Loan  

  • Repeat Customer needed to add a new piece of equipment to his fleet
  • We were able to do a fast closing for 60 month term and no down payment

Property Type: Duplex in Colorado 

Loan Amount: $850,000

Loan Type: Cash Out Refinance 

  • Renovations and repairs needed on rental property
  • 30-year fixed with low rate
  • Lite Doc - no tax returns or W2's

Convenience Store

Property Type: Convenience Store in Virginia

Loan Amount: $467,000

Loan Type: Refinance Bridge Loan 

  • We refinanced borrower's current financing with an attractive loan
  • 25-year term with low rate
  • Cash was used for exterior and interior renovations
medical office georgia

Property Type: Medical Office Building in Georgia 

Loan Amount: $3,600,000

Loan Type: Bridge Loan 

  • Provided a Bridge Loan for a Medical Office Building in Georgia
  • $3,600,000 for improvements and debt consolidation


Property Type: Franchised Laundromat in Colorado 

Loan Amount: $1,004,500

Loan Type: SBA 7a  

  • Borrower needed money to purchase the franchise and make improvements to building and equipment
  • We closed with 80% LTV and 10 year term

Property Type: Multi Use Facility in Tennessee

Loan Amount: $1,700,000

Loan Type: SBA 7a

  • Property included a 7 bay car wash, laundromat, and dog groomer.
  • We secured a 25-year SBA loan at a low interest rate.
18 wheel trailers

Property Type: TRAILSTAR Dump Trailer,

End Dump Trailer

Loan Amount: $210,000

Loan Type: Equipment loan 

  • Returning customer came to use for purchase trailer.
  • Private sale
residential duplex

Property Type:  Single Family Homes in GA

Loan Amount: $310,000

Loan Type: Refinance with Cash Out 

  • Attractive fix rate for 30-year term
  • Borrower was able to get money to renovate the homes in order to increase his return on investment


kenworth semi

Property Type: 2023 W-900 Kenworth

Loan Amount: $189,000

Loan Type: Equipment Financing

  • 72-month loan with no money down and low rate



Property Type: Flat Wire Conveyor Belt  

Loan Amount: $209,000

Loan Type: Equipment Loan 

  • We were able to secure quick financing for a return customer
  • Terms were 60-months, no down payment and low interest rate
rental van

Property Type: Motorhome for Rental  

Loan Amount: $103,000

Loan Type: Equipment Loan 

  • Rental RV company purchased an addition to add to their fleet
  • We have closed over 15 deals with this repeat customer
  • We closed at 100% and 60 month term
tigercat loader

Property Type: Tigercat Loader 

Loan Amount: $70,000

Loan Type: Equipment Financing

  • Logging Company in Alabama purchased a loader to move logs
  • We secured a 60-month loan with no money down and low rate
laundry franchise

Property Type: Franchised Laundromat in Colorado 

Loan Amount: $860,000

Loan Type: SBA 7a

  • Our borrower purchased an existing laundromat and needed an SBA loan for repairs, improvements and equipment
  • While our borrower was a seasoned investor, this was his first franchised laundromat acquisition

Property Type: Logging Company in North Carolina 

Loan Amount: $175,000

Loan Type: Equipment Financing 

  • A start up logging company needed a new skidder to operate at top performance.
  • Even with low business experience they qualified for no money down and a competitive rate 

family dentist

Property Type: Dental Office in North Carolina

Loan Amount: $660,000

Loan Type: SBA 7(a) 

  • Dentist needed financing for Commercial Real Estate Acquisition with Leasehold Improvements and Working Capital
  • We were able to fund quickly on a 25-year loan at 90% LTV

dump truck

Property Type: Construction Hauling in Ohio

Loan Amount: $85,000

Loan Type: Equipment Financing 

  • Repeat customer of a local hauling company wanted to add to 8 unit fleet of dump trucks
  • 60-month term with competitive rate


dental office

Property Type: Dental Practice in Georgia 

Loan Amount: $932,000

Loan Type: SBA 7(a)

  • Dental practice needed a refinance and working capital in order to purchase new equipment, purchase commercial real estate and equipment
  • We were able to get 100% financing with a great rate

semi truck sales

Property Type: Truck Dealership in New Jersey

Loan Amount: $668,000

Loan Type: SBA 7 (a) 

  • Purchase additional commercial real estate due to expansion
  • 25-year term with 10%  down


single family rental home

Property Type: Two Single Family Homes in GA

Loan Amount: $410,000

Loan Type: Refinance with Cash Out 

  • Attractive fix rate for 30-year term
  • Borrower was able to get money to renovate the homes in order to increase his return on investment
dental office

Property Type: Dental Office in North Carolina 

Loan Amount: $737,000

Loan Type: Purchase and Refinance

  • Needed financing to purchase commercial real estate to construct dental building
  • Secondary financing to pay off previous loans

rental home

Property Type: Single Family Rental in N Carolina

Loan Amount: $240,000

Loan Type: Conventional Loan

  • Attractive fixed rate for 30-year term
  • 80% Loan to Value


fedex fleet

Property Type: Delivery Trucks

Loan Amount: $75,000 (2 trucks) 

Loan Type: Equipment 

  • First time operator in Indiana purchased 2 trucks now and has approval for 2 more in the future
  • We specialize in FedEx and Amazon truck financing

strip mall
Property Type: Retail Mall 

Loan Amount: $1,700,000

Loan Type: 30 year fixed, Cash Out 

  • Low rate and cash out for partners who wanted to make renovations and pay off debt

convenience store

Property Type: Convenience Market in Virginia 

Loan Amount: $500,000

Loan Type: SBA 7(a)

  • Client needed funding for FF & E and Inventory
  • We closed on a 10-year loan with a low rate


 Property Type: Dental Office in Georgia

Loan Amount: $65,000

Loan Type: Equipment Financing 

  • Doctor needed updated computer and dental equipment
  • 60-months terms, 100% financing


 Property Type: Retail Space in Georgia 

Loan Amount: $400,000

Loan Type: 30 year fixed, Cash Out 

  • Merchant needed to expand
  • We were able to refinance a $400,000 loan amount with $200,000 cash out and 30-year fixed rate


Property Type: Condo in Georgia 

Loan Amount: $450,000

Loan Type: Conventional, 30 year fixed Cash Out Refinance

  • Client had 3 condos in the same complex in need of renovations
  • We obtained a Conventional, 30-year fixed loan with attractive terms


Property Type: Franchised Coin Laundry 

Loan Amount: $800,000

Loan Type: SBA 7a

  • Start up with first time business owner

Truck Wash Property Type: Truck Wash 

Loan Amount: $2,600,000

Loan Type: USDA B&I

  • Refinanced Real Estate and equipment
  • Client was able to build a new truck wash

ConcreteProperty Type: Office and Warehouse 

Loan Amount: $825,000

Loan Type: SBA 7(a) 25 year term 

  • Client was looking for a new building where he could run his business.
  • We got $800,000 for building and land, $25,000 Working Capital.


Property Type: Bakery in New York 

Loan Amount: $550,000 in Equipment and $1,500,000 in Working Capital 

Loan Type: Equipment loan and Working Capital 

  • Over the course of 3 years, we have helped our client move from a home run business to a viable retail business with 3 store fronts and impressive online business.

Terex-XT70-Pro-Rear-Mount-Bucket-Truck-1Property Type: Rear Mount Bucket Truck 

Loan Amount: $160,000

Loan Type: Equipment Loan 

  • Return client came to us to add to their fleet of equipment for their tree service
  • 72-month term with great rate

C-Store PAProperty Type: Gas Station/C-Store in Pennsylvania

Loan Amount: $1,715,000

Loan Type: SBA 7(a) 25-year term 

  • Repeat client needed funding to acquire a gas station/c-store in need of renovations
  • We were able to get a 25-year term at 90%

rsz_dental_office_ (2)

 Property Type: Dental Office 

Loan Amount: $3.7 Million 

Loan Type: SBA 7a

  • Ground Up construction of 10,000 sq ft building
  • Equipment, working capital, 100% financing
  • 25-year term

market place

 Property Type: Retail Building in Alabama

Loan Amount: $118,000

Loan Type: Conventional 30-year fixed

  • The location and condition of this retail space made the approval process tricky
  • We believed in our client and got the funding he needed


Property Type: Construction Building and Equipment,  Working Capital in Colorado 

Loan Amount: $8,450,000 for both

Loan Type: USDA and SBA 7a

  • USDA $7,200,000 with 30-year term
  • SBA 7(a) 1,500,000 of  working capital


 Property Type: Warehouse

Loan Amount: $731,000

Loan Type: SBA 7a


Property Type: Coin Laundry Franchise

Loan Amount: $800,000

Loan Type: SBA 7a


 Property Type: Rental Condominium

Loan Amount: $304,850

Loan Type: Cash Out Refi 


Property Type: Convenience Store in Georgia 

Loan Amount: $3,500,000

Loan Type: Purchase SBA 7(a) 

  • Ground up construction
  • SBA 7(a) 25-year term

Property Type: Optometrist Office in N.Carolina 

Loan Amount: $1,600,000

Loan Type: SBA 504 Construction Loan 

  • Client had outgrown his leased space and wanted to build on a tract of land he owned nearby.
Budget Class Hotel

Property Type: Budget Class Motel  

Loan Amount: $1,300,000

Loan Type: SBA 7a Refinance

  • Refinanced out of a Conventional loan to a SBA 7(a) with attractive financing

Property Type: Medical Office 

Loan Amount: $1,500,000

Loan Type: Interest Only Bridge Loan 


Property Type: Commercial Dump Truck 

Loan Amount: $160,000

Loan Type: Equipment Financing 

  • Client had a contract and needed truck to fulfill request
  • We were able to get him 72-month financing on equipment
rsz_goodyear (1)

Property Type: Good Year Tire Store 

Loan Amount: $700,000

Loan Type: SBA 7a 


Property Type: Over the Road Peterbilt 

Loan Amount: $200,000 for both 

Loan Type: Truck Loan and Working Capital 

  • Equipment loan for $150,000
  • Working Capital for $50,000
beer cooler

Property Type: Convenience Store in Florida 

Loan Amount: $40,000

Loan Type: Equipment Loan 

  • With increase in business needed to add a walk in cooler and other interior upgrades

Property Type: 3 Locations Jimmy John's 

Loan Amount: $600,000

Loan Type: SBA 7a

Appartment 4

Property Type: Georgia & California Apartment Complexes

Loan Amount: $910,000

Loan Type: Cash Out Refinance

  • Did Cash out in California in order for the client to purchase an apartment complex in Georgia

Property Type: HVAC System Upgrades

Loan Amount: $75,000

Loan Type:  Equipment Loan  

  • Client's HVAC System needed a complete upgrade
  • 60-month equipment loan with attractive rates
Gulfstream 2

Property Type: Motor Home/RV 

Loan Amount: $115,000

Loan Type:  Equipment Loan  

  • This is the 8th loan we have obtained for our client in the local entertainment industry
  • 48-month term with low interest rate

Property Type: Convenience Store in Florida 

Loan Amount: $800,000

Loan Type: SBA 7a

  •  Cash for improvements on purhased gas station and C-store

Property Type: Martini Bar in Georgia 

Loan Amount: $900,000

Loan Type: 2 loans Commercial Equipment

  • 1st loan for $72,000 f0r 72-months for glasses, chairs, etc.
  • 2nd loan for $828,000 for kitchen equipment and furniture

Property Type:  Retail Store & Warehouse

Loan Amount: $800,000

Loan Type: 30-year cash out


 Property Type: Multifamily

Loan Amount: $1,100,000

Loan Cash Out Refinance

  • Cash Out Refinance at 60% LTV
  • Client was able to use cash for needed renovations


Property Type: Multifamily in Atlanta 

Loan Amount: $1,008,000

Loan Type: Cash Out Refinance 

  • Cash Out Refinance at 70% LTV
  • 30-Year loan


Property Type: Single Family Rental in NJ 

Loan Amount: $1,200,000

Loan Type: Vacation Rental Financing 

  • Repeat client purchased a Vacation Rental home and needed attractive financing
rsz_truck_lot (1)

Property Type: Truck Parking Facility

Loan Amount: $1,500,000

Loan Type: SBA 7a


Property Type: 2020 Peterbilt 389

Loan Amount: $175,000

Loan Type: 72-months Equipment Loan 

  • Owner Operator upgrading to newer truck
  • Long term client

Property Type: Historic Hotel

Loan Amount: $4,000,000

Loan Type: Bridge Loan 

  • Money used for Renovation and FF& E

Property Type: South Carolina Gas Station purchase  of a 2nd location

Loan Amount: $800,000

Loan Type: SBA 7a

Office Building

Property Type: Medical Building 

Loan Amount: $40,000

Loan Type: Equipment Loan 


Property Type: Tennessee Hotel Purchase 

Loan Amount: $6,000,000

Loan Type: SBA 504 

  • 1st time hotel owner-operator closed quickly with attractive terms
Hotel Room

Property Type: Virginia Hotel 

Loan Type: Refinance from SBA 7a

  • Floating rate into a Conventional, low 7-year fixed rate with no prepayment penalty.
Ref Trailer

Property Type: Two 2020  Refrigeration Trailers 

Loan Amount: $140,000

Loan Type: 72-month Equipment loan

Dr. Jordon

Property Type: Dental Office 

Loan Amount: $1,200,000 with 100% Financing

Loan Type: Ground Up Construction, Equipment and Working Capital  

  •  We were able to get 100% financing on construction and equipment needed for dental office
mid scale apt

Property Type: First Time MultiFamily 

Loan Type: Fixed Rate 30-year financing

  • Purchase of an 8 unit apartment building

Property Type: Tank Trailer 

Loan Type: Equipment loan 

  • Returning customer came to use for purchase of tank trailer.
  • This is the 10th unit we have funded since 2015.

Property Type: Two Georgia Warehouses

Loan Amount: $1,400,000

Loan Type: SBA 7(a)

  • 25-year financing with only 10% down
Confort Inn

Property Type: South Carolina Comfort Inn & Suites

Loan Amount: $5,000,000

Loan Type: SBA 7 a on Purchase 

Riverdale Apts

Property Type: 71-unit Apartment 

Loan Amount: $900,000

Loan Type: Refinance of Bridge Loan with Cash Out 

Fairfield Hotel

Property Type: Fairfield Inn in Georgia 

Loan Amount: $9,000,000

Loan Type: SBA 504 Construction Loan 

  • Ground up Construction

Property Type: Restaurant 

Loan Amount: $650,000 Refinance

Loan Type: Conventional 30-year fixed in the mid 6's


Property Type: Georgia Warehouse 

Loan Type: Cash Out Refinance 

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